Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 – Kahina Skin Care

to experience Kahina Giving Beauty,
the skin care brand that shows us
the myriad benefits of Argan oil.

Simple yet effective, Kahina skincare is based on the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients from around the world. With raw, organic, fair trade argan oil at its core, the Kahina line is formulated according to strict organic guidelines that guarantee the greatest measure of responsibility for consumers and the environment. Their products never contain harmful ingredients and are never tested on animals.

Meet Kahina Giving Beauty founder, Katharine L’Heureux

sample the exotic skin care brand while sipping Moroccan mint tea, here at Yarok Beauty Kitchen
on the evening of May 6 from 4-6pm.
39 West 19 Street, Suite 610

Please RSVP at 212-876-4293. Space and availability
is based on a first come, first serve basis.

Yarok Team

Yarok 3rd Anniversary

Hello friends & family of Yarok! We just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you who made it to the Yarok Beauty Kitchen 3rd Anniversary Ultimate “Jujing” Party. It was tremendous seeing so many of you make it out to support Yarok, Bogavia, W3LL People, and SH Lifestyles, especially the new faces that graced the Beauty Kitchen that night.

The party was a huge success with a grand turn-out, and it was so gratifying to see every one looking so beautiful and refreshed after their complimentary services. We hope we’ve succeeded in proving that you can look and feel your best through organic beauty.

We are truly blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful, supportive, and fun people! Of course, we also want to thank Bogavia, W3LL People, and SH Lifestyles for being fabulous hosts and helping to make this event possible.

Here’s to many more successful years at the Yarok Beauty Kitchen. And don’t wait another year before coming by to visit us!

International Clients Travel Diary: Copenhagen, Norway

International Clients Travel Diary: Oslo, Norway

International Clients Travel Diary: London, England

International Clients Travel Diary: Oslo, Norway

Metropolitan Museum Punk

Every year The Metropolitan Museum puts on a fabulous exhibit where a fashion icon or era is honored. This is one of the biggest events in NYC. EVERYONE who’s anyone comes to this event. So let’s look at the looks.. This year was PUNK!

Elizabeth Banks
Simple elegant and slicked back. Gold and shiny and gorgeous but not sure how punky.

Miley Cyrus
Well, even though the theme was junk I’m not sure I can forgive the porcupine look. Anyone?

Usually she can do no wrong in my eyes but she looks like she went swimming in tuna catching net infested waters. I would like to get my feet on her shoes though. Anyway she looks happy and we love her :)

Sarah Jessica Parker.
Only she can wear a stunning ball gown and a mohawk and look fabulous. How does she do it?

Anne Hathaway.
Still making the most of her short hair since shaving it for Les Miserable, this was useful for the punk look. Short and peroxide with an elegant black lace dress and heavy eyes. Looking good.

Jenny from the block (she’ll always be that to me)
Her hair always looks stunning so it’s nice to see her with an interesting undo.

Earth Day 2013

For Earth Day 2013, we wanted to do something special and give back to our New York fan base.
Dressed in white, we took Yarok products to Union Square Market. Theadora and Alyona wore flowers in their hair while strolling past the fruits and vegetable in the market, giving away Yarok gifts.

“I Dream Of” Gala

“I Dream Of” Gala Event at ABC Carpet was dreamy indeed…
The 4th Annual Art Production Fund Benefit honored Yoko Ono and Richard Pandiscio.
The event included a wish tree, for guests to write their wishes and hang them on the tree while they sipped Moët & Chandon champagne, listened to chill Indian music by DJ Donna D’Cruz, and photographer Bill Cunningham took photos… Every guests took home Yarok’s Feed Your Do.

Thursday, November 15th, 2012 – YAROK & DOR CHADASH supports young designers