KISS Wedding Styles

The first week of August is National Keep It Simple Week. In honor of this practical occasion, and the fall wedding season, we’re bringing you three elegant and easy hair and veil styles for your big day. Many of you will use this day as an excuse to achieve the most elaborate updo of your life, but not everyone will have the extra funds to hire a hairstylist, or be so gifted with the curling iron. So before you walk the aisle for the long awaited “I do” kiss, remember the KISS design principle for your locks: “Keep it simple, stupid!”

With simple tousled waves, most brides would agree it’s just not enough to ‘wow’ her guests. The key to Kate Moss’ wedding hair is the Juliet cap-style veil. And what with the huge popularity of early 20th century portrayals on TV and movies these days (a la The Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey), the look will be sure to leave an impression. If you’re looking for the wedding path least resistance, just use Yarok Feed Your Do texturizing whip to give some definition to your curls, and go for an elegant and ornate cap-style veil that will complement those loose waves.

For the hippie in you, another spin on the unconventional headdress is the flower crown, shown here on Britsh singer, songwriter, and musician Kate Melua. Both sleek, straight styles and flirty, curly dos will look adorable and lovely with a crown of flowers, veil included or not! Start by using Yarok’s Feed Your Roots styling mousse to give your hair a little volume, then try a crown of bellflowers or Baby’s Breath for Spring/Summer, and winter jasmine or daphnes for Fall/Winter.

Last is our only actual updo, but quite possibly the easiest to assemble: the sock bun of course! No need for flowers or vintage veils for this style. In fact, you don’t even have to shampoo! All you need is a loner sock and some hairspray. Depending on how much hair you’ve got, and how thick your sock is, you can have a bun of epic proportions like Hilary Duff’s.

To create the sock bun:

1. Cut the toe piece off of a sock so it is open at both ends. Then roll the sock up into itself to create a doughnut shape.

2. Pull your hair into a ponytail where you’d like your bun to be centered.

3. Pull your ponytail through the “doughnut hole” of the sock, then proceed to roll your hair down around the sock, continuing until you reach the base of the ponytail.

4. Tuck in loose pieces with your fingers and bobby pins, and use Yarok’s Feed Your Hold hairspray to keep in place and smooth flyaways.

5. Get married!

For more super simple wedding styles, have a look at the new bridal board on our Pinterest page.

Get Your Best Hair For The Best Day of Your Life

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