Earth-Friendly and Effective Hair Brushes and Combs: Hair Stylist Mordechai Alvow's Selection

May 30, 2023

Earth-Friendly and Effective Hair Brushes and Combs: Hair Stylist Mordechai Alvow's Selection

With years of experience in the hair styling industry, Renowned hair stylist Mordechai Alvow and founder of Yarok hair care, understands the importance of choosing the right tools that are not only good for your scalp and hair but also for the environment. In this collection, he carefully curated a range of sustainable brushes and combs that combine functionality, style, and eco-consciousness. Proud to collaborate with global brands that share our ethos of sustainability and responsible manufacturing.

Wooden Shampoo Brush and Scalp Massager.

Experience a satisfying deep hair clean with our Wooden Shampoo Brush and Scalp Massager, a collaboration with a globally recognized sustainable brand. Crafted with sustainability in mind, this brush is made from wood and features soft silicone nubs that stimulate blood circulation, relieve tension, and improve sleep. It creates foam, evenly distributes shampoo, reduces product buildup and excess oil, promotes oxygenation and hair growth, and is ergonomic and easy to use. Incorporate this brush into your zero waste hair care routine for a refreshing scalp and healthy hair.

Bamboo Wide Tooth Comb.

Our Bamboo Wide Tooth Comb, made in collaboration with a renowned sustainable brand, is the perfect tool for gentle detangling and styling. This elegant and sturdy comb works well on all hair types, whether wet or dry. Its wide teeth glide smoothly through the hair, minimizing breakage, and its massaging effect improves blood circulation for optimum scalp health. The comb's rounded and smoother teeth allow for gentle strokes, reducing hair fall. Embrace the comb's anti-static properties for reduced frizziness and enjoy the benefits of a biodegradable, vegan, and cruelty-free certified hair care accessory.

Natural Bamboo Paddle Hair Brushes.

Our Natural Bamboo Paddle Hair Brushes, made in collaboration with a global brand committed to sustainability, combine eco-friendliness and style. Available in oval and square shapes, these brushes offer a luxurious hair care experience while minimizing environmental impact. The bamboo handles are biodegradable, and the bristles provide gentle and effective brushing, promoting scalp stimulation and reducing frizz. Embrace the elegance of the brush's design while knowing that it is packaged sustainably with recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, compostable, plastic-free, and zero waste materials.

So Eco Biodegradable Ceramic Round Brushes.

Achieve glamorous volume and subtle curls with our So Eco Biodegradable Ceramic Round Brushes, developed in collaboration with an internationally recognized eco-conscious brand. Crafted with uniquely textured PLA biodegradable handles, flexible PCR pins, and thermo-ceramic recycled aluminum barrels, these brushes allow you to style your hair while staying eco-friendly. The brushes evenly distribute and retain heat, smooth the hair, and prevent frizz and flyaways. Experience the perfect balance between style and sustainability with these thoughtfully designed and eco-conscious tools.

Mordechai Alvow, with his extensive hair styling experience, has carefully selected earth-friendly and effective brushes and combs that are gentle on your scalp and hair and contribute to a greener planet.  Choose from our range of wooden shampoo brushes, bamboo combs, natural bamboo paddle brushes, and So Eco biodegradable ceramic round brushes to enhance your hair care routine. Embrace sustainability without compromising on quality or style. Take a step towards eco-consciousness and enjoy the benefits of these exceptional tools for your scalp, hair, and the environment.

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