Have a Cocktail on Me! Cocktailing Yarok's Feed Your Hair Shine Serum and Pomade

Nov 13, 2023

Have a Cocktail on Me! Cocktailing Yarok's Feed Your Hair Shine Serum and Pomade

Cocktailing, the art of combining hair products for a customized and tailored experience, has become a popular trend for achieving the perfect hairstyle. When it comes to Yarok's haircare products, the combination of Feed Your Hair Shine Serum and Feed Your Hair Pomade creates a powerful duo that not only controls frizz and adds texture but also imparts a gorgeous shine to your locks.



  1. Start with a Small Amount: Begin by taking a small amount of Yarok Feed Your Hair Pomade. The pomade is excellent for controlling frizz, promoting texture, and providing a reliable hold.
  2. Add Shine Serum: To enhance the overall look and introduce a lustrous shine, add two drops of Yarok Feed Your Hair Shine Serum to the pomade on your palm. The shine serum is designed to add a brilliant, glossy finish to your hair.
  3. Emulsify the Products: Gently emulsify the pomade and shine serum in your hands by rubbing them together. This process ensures an even distribution of both products, creating a cohesive blend.
  4. Apply to Desired Areas: Apply the emulsified mixture to the areas of your hair where control, texture, and shine are desired. Start with small amounts and gradually add more as needed. This approach allows you to customize the level of hold and shine according to your preferences.
  5. Mix and Add as Needed: Assess the results and continue mixing and adding the coktailed product as needed. This step-by-step process enables you to achieve the perfect balance for your hairstyle.
  6. Voilà – Enjoy Your Perfectly Coktailed Hair: Step out with confidence, knowing that your hair is styled to perfection with the ideal combination of Yarok's Feed Your Hair Shine Serum and Pomade. Your hair will showcase a beautiful blend of texture, hold, and a radiant shine.

Conclusion: Cocktailing with Yarok's Feed Your Hair Shine Serum and Pomade allows you to take control of your hairstyle, offering the flexibility to customize your look. Embrace the versatility and creativity that comes with coketailing, and enjoy a perfect blend that suits your unique style.

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