Help Mother Nature Breathe this Holiday Season

Nov 30, 2020

Help Mother Nature Breathe this Holiday Season

Go Green this Holiday Season & Support Pachamama

The holiday season is typically a time to reflect upon the past year and show gratitude for the blessings in our lives. While 2020 has certainly been a year of many firsts, this year more than ever, we show appreciation for all we have. Why? Because we know how easily we can lose it.

This year has truly taught us how fragile life can be. Without our health, we have nothing. With a new year ahead, we have new opportunities to create a healthy, vibrant future. Where should we start? By nourishing the root source of our beautiful planet: mother nature.

The Global Pandemic has made us appreciate and value air quality, something we previously took for granted. The ability to breath in fresh air is a luxury. In a masked world, we must actively support our planet to protect the lungs of the Earth.


 Yarok + Pachamama

Yarok supports Green, which is why we are proud to support the amazing efforts of Pachamama Alliance. All December long we will donate a percentage of all proceeds to Pachamama in an effort to go Green this holiday season.


Who is the Pachamama Alliance?

The Pachamama Alliance is a global community working to create a sustainable future in advocating for indigenous rights and the rights of nature. In supporting the Pachamama Alliance, we are helping to protect and preserve the lungs of the Earth, the Amazon Rainforest.

How can you help? In addition to donating to Pachamama and purchasing from Yarok, we encourage you to go Green this holiday season!


What You Can Do:

  • During Holiday shopping and gift wrapping, go green. What does this mean? Consider using recycled papers or products to wrap, shop plastic free, reduce your carbon footprint and shop lo
  • Shop Yarok Hair! A percentage of all December purchases will be donated to Pachamama Alliance. By shopping Yarok, you are supporting Green


What We’re Doing:

  • We’re always looking for new and improved ways to support the environment. In an effort to support Mother Nature, we've given our labels an environmentally friendly upgrade! Our new labels will be made with stone paper -- a nontoxic, biodegradable, chemical free alternative.
  • Our packaging is always plastic free. When you receive your Yarok package, you can be just as excited in supporting the environment as you are your hair
  • Each month, Yarok donates a percentage of all proceeds to organizations supporting our mission to go Green. All December we will be directly supporting the Pachamama Alliance’s mission to protect the Amazon Rainforest


To learn more about how you can help support the Pachamama Alliance, visit

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