Jun 06, 2022


Already renowned within the eco-friendly haircare industry, Mordechai Alvow has just extended his signature Yarok haircare brand into a complete skincare and body care collection. And just as “Yarok” means “green” in Hebrew, the latest products incorporate a conscious, natural approach.

Yarok Body began with an organic plant-based, non-toxic body wash free of gluten, parabens, sulfates and toxins. Based on a clean hyaluronic formula, the body wash is infused with vitamins and nutrients, along with responsibly sourced essential oils, herbal extracts and food-grade ingredients.

Among Yarok Body’s newest additions are body oil and body lotion, featuring the same blends of essential oils as the original body wash. “Not only do the products have a distinctive aromatic scent—they’re also highly effective in cleansing and purifying the body,” explains Alvow, who’s also a certified aromatherapist.

Organic hemp, black cumin and turmeric stand out as key ingredients of the body oil. Along with organic sunflower, grapeseed and almond oils, the body lotion features extracted herbs from alfalfa, bilberry, calendula, green tea, horsetail, marshmallow root, rosemary, skullcap, bladderwrack, slippery elm, hawthorn berry, St. John’s wort, ginkgo leaf, gotu kola, fennel seed and eyebright. 

Comprised of lavender hydrosol, golden jojoba seed, avocado oil, seaweed extract and aloe vera gel, Yarok Body also includes an ultra-absorbent hand and body lotion. Among its herbal oil infusions are comfrey root, marshmallow root, slippery elm, lavender and chamomile flowers, chickweed, cleavers, wheat germ oil, plus sea buckthorn, ginger and nutmeg CO2s. Essential oils consist of sweet orange, clove bud & cinnamon leaf, complemented by sage and rosemary (antioxidants).

Yarok Body is a literally a natural progression for Alvow, a native of Jaffa, Israel. He recalls the delectable scent of fresh oranges growing up, along with accompanying his mother to local apothecaries (his idea of a candy store at the time). Today, Yarok Body’s signature plant-based scent is beloved by salon clients and social media consumers alike. Many customers had been requesting Alvow’s essential oils and perfume blends as well.

“I encourage everyone to use green products that minimize waste and help preserve nature,” says Alvow. And especially since becoming the father of a young son, he appreciates the value of high-quality body products for the entire family.

Future additions to Yarok Body are currently in the works, including children’s and pet products and single-ingredient versions. Among Alvow’s other concepts are essential oil toothpaste, organic aloe vera after-sun gel and organic shea butter moisturizer. With an emphasis on aromatherapy ingredients, he says, “Any new product will be clean, therapeutic, high quality and easy to use with effective results.”

Originally based in New York City, Alvow has since relocated to the countryside in Hudson, New York. Today, he and his son can appreciate the beauty of nature up close. 

Customers can order Yarok Body products directly at, and at Yarok’s flagship store in Hudson, New York (opening June 15, 2022).

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