Everything You Need To Know About Aloe Vera

Jan 23, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Aloe Vera

Everything You Need To Know About Aloe For Hair Health

Thank you, Mother Nature for blessing us with Aloe Vera, the beauty superfood of the earth. Did you know Aloe Vera has been used for over 6,000 years and is known to hold the secrets of beauty, health, and immortality? That’s right - Aloe’s beauty properties have been utilized for centuries, helping everything from heat damage to hair shine. What’s not to love? Let’s discuss the hair benefits.


Moisturizes Hair & Enhances Shine

Tik-tok has been trending with influencers flaunting their long, shiny hair. The secret ingredient used to achieve what we consider to be hair goals? Aloe vera. Would you expect anything less? Aloe vera is a nutrition powerhouse, containing Vitamins A, C, and E. These nutrients help to keep the hair strong and healthy, preventing dull, dry stands. Aloe Vera contains the same pH as your scalp, further helping to lock in moisture by nourishing the hair follicles and promoting hair hydration. 

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Promotes Hair Growth 

Of course, maintaining regular trims will help keep your long locks flowing - but, are you prioritizing scalp health? When it comes to hair growth, it all starts at the scalp. Aloe Vera contains proteolytic enzymes which may help to revive hair follicles, while ridding the scalp of dead skin. Knowing that, we made the secret sauce - or should we say, serum! Say hello to Feed Your Youth. Yarok’s Feed Your Youth serum contains Aloe Vera, along with all of the other scalp nutrients to promote hair growth and prevent aging.    

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Reduces Dry, Itchy Scalp & Inflammation 

When you get a sunburn, what’s the first ingredient you reach for to the soothe skin and reduce the burn? Chances are, you thought aloe vera. And, you’re right! So, when it comes to reducing scalp inflammation, aloe vera works the same way. Aloe vera contains antiseptic and antiinflammatory properties that relieve dry, flaky scalp and can both prevent and treat dandruff. The cool gel inside of aloe vera penetrates into the deep layers of the skin, providing immediate relief from irritation and itchiness. 

How to: 

  • Carefully slice through the body of a fresh aloe vera plant.
  • Cut or peel away the outer layer, and scoop out the aloe vera flesh (the gel-like substance).
  • After washing your hair, apply aloe vera gel directly to clean scalp
  • Let sit for 15-30 minutes (Applying natural heat if possible - think: sauna, steam room, or exercise) 
  • Rinse and style per usual

Experienced Aloe Infused in Yarok

Of course, Yarok has taken all of the amazing benefits of Aloe Vera and bottled it up into a nourishing, non-toxic formula for your hair and scalp. Shop a variety of our products and treat your hair to the nutrition it deserves! 

Feed Your Sunshine Hair and Scalp Treatment

Feed Your Volume Conditioner 

Feed Your Moisture Conditioning Masque 

Feed Your Curls Defining Creme

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