The Best Ways To Have An Eco-Friendly Holiday

Dec 04, 2020

The Best Ways To Have An Eco-Friendly Holiday

The Best Ways To Have An Eco Friendly Holiday

Let’s make this holiday season a little greener, shall we?

While you’re spreading holiday cheer, consider giving an extra sprinkle to Mother Nature this year! ‘Tis the season for giving, so let’s give back to the beautiful planet we are lucky enough to call home. Yarok supports Green – which is why we are making a conscious effort to spread the Green movement this holiday season!

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With a few simple tips, find ways to enjoy the holiday season while doing less harm to the environment.


Keep Your Christmas Tree Green

If you celebrate Christmas, you know one of the oldest traditions in the book is bringing home a beautiful tree. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh pine and the joy of picking out the perfect tree. When you think of an eco-friendly holiday, it seems logical that a living Christmas Tree should the first thing to replace on your eco-friendly to-do list – but, not so fast! Fake (plastic) trees may actually be more harmful to the environment than just purchasing the real deal. Of course, the best alternative would be to forgo a tree all together – but, we (understandably) know this is a holiday sacrifice many aren’t willing to take! If you plan to have a Christmas tree, the best thing to do is support local farmers by shopping local. Once you’re done with your tree, recycle it!


Shop Local and Support Small Businesses

When you shop local, not only are you reducing your carbon footprint, but you’re also supporting small businesses in need. After an unprecedented year, businesses are struggling to survive and need your support! Many local shops source their products from other local vendors as well (think: local grocery stores who buy from local farms or local gift shops who sell products made by local vendors). You’re helping the environment by reducing the amount of pollution and exhaust in the air, while supporting the economy and keeping local stores in business. No need for overnight shipping when you can walk down the street to purchase your goods!


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Green Gift Wrapping

While fancy bows, ribbon and assorted wrapping paper may look pretty under the tree, think about how much waste this generates! We spend hours wrapping presents with pretty decorations, only to tear them off in record time and discard them seconds later – poor mother nature. One of the easiest ways to have an eco-friendly holiday this season is to use recycled paper to wrap your gifts! Brown paper can be just as beautiful looking as traditional wrapping paper – plus, beauty isn’t everything – what matters most is on the inside (yes, we’re talking about the presents! Ok, and of course the thought and heart too).


Gift Green

Splurging during the holiday season is totally normal, but it often means unnecessary gifts, 2-day shipping, and often leaves our wallet equally as impacted as our environment. If you want to spoil your loved ones, an eco-friendly holiday can still be graced with gifts! Our message is simply – shop smart. So, how can you enjoy the season of giving while consciously supporting the Earth? Here’s tips to gift green for an eco-friendly holiday:

  • Gift an experience:

Think: travel, a winery tour, or a special memory that you can both share together – post-pandemic, of course! This sustainable, thoughtful gift is a wonderful way to keep mother nature happy while enjoying an eco-friendly holiday exchange.


  • Forgo stocking stuffers:

Stocking stuffers usually include unnecessary “filler gifts” that serve no real purpose other than taking up space. Enjoy an eco-friendly holiday with the mindset, less is more! Gift meaningful gifts that will be put to use or enjoyed rather than wasted.

  • Re-Gift:

This may be taboo, but if you’ve received a gift that doesn’t serve you and may serve a loved one – re-gift it! Afterall, who will really know?

  • Donate to Charity:

Make a donation in someone’s name. If you know your loved one is passionate about a certain cause, this is a beautiful gift that will fill the heart of many – especially during this time of year.

  • Shop Eco-friendly:

When you are purchasing gifts, consider purchasing sustainable products! There are endless amounts of eco-friendly holiday gifts – water bottles, journals, clothing, even plants!

  • Feast Locally:

One of the best parts of the holiday season is the endless amounts of holiday food. The only thing better than family home-cooking is knowing the ingredients in your favorite holiday dishes came from local food sources! Support local farmers, artisans and businesses by purchasing locally. When you purchase local, your food is likely going to be seasonal and taste fresher – and, you’ll know where it came from!
Commercial food is flown in from across the world – we understand that shopping locally is not always possible, but if you can – avoid needlessly leaving your carbon footprint! Have a delicious and eco-friendly holiday meal by sourcing local, fresh foods that will help mother nature thrive.  


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A Green Holiday

Make going green your new holiday tradition. These are tips you can carry with you into the new year, and practice in your daily life! Feel good knowing you’re celebrating loved ones while giving back to the earth.

All season long a percentage of proceeds from all Yarok purchases will be donated to the Pachamama Alliance in an effort to go green. Enjoy an eco-friendly holiday season and give the gift of Yarok  

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